Arcadian Atlas may find the Vita in its pages

Becca Blair's fantastic looking RPG Arcadian Atlas got a lot of interest from the Vita crowd on Kickstarter, but while the game was funded, there was no firm commitment. Things have moved on a bit now with the team looking to pick up a Unity programmer to bring the game to Vita and PS4.

Anyone with KS and Unity experience knows there's no such thing as straightforward porting, so be patient and let's hope this heads our way in the fullness of time.

Pushing Towards PS4 / Vita Of all the platforms we wanted to see Arcadian Atlas on most, PS4 and Vita were top of our list! We had long discussions about the best steps forward with many different people during the Kickstarter and our RPG Maker programmer and decided that with looming deadlines and time constraints with our existing programmer, the time was right to explore Unity. So we’re happy to announce a new job search over the next month for a Unity programmer that can help expand the capabilities of Arcadian Atlas and help us bring our dream game to the PS4 and Vita systems on top of PC, Mac, and Linux.