Vita sales 15K in Japan on MuvLuv's modest entry

New entry MuvLuv managed just 4,366 sales in Japan to land at No. 16 in this week's Media Create chart. The game is coming west via Kickstarter, and seems to be a port of previous versions.

That's as the country's Vita gamers wait for Dragon Quest Builders, out this week. Once again Minecraft is the top seller, shifting another 10,400 at No. 11, just ahead of last week's No. 1 Odin Sphere, which dropped to 9.3K.

On the hardware front, the Vita was one unit off 15K, with interest in the new Yakuza, Biohazard and Just Cause 3 fighting for top spot and putting the focus on the PS4. All back here next week for some hopefully massive Vita sales!