Getting back in to Freedom Wars

Okay, Freedom Wars is now free to PS+ subscribers, but I picked it up in the Christmas sale last year - got to level 6 and kind of gave up on it. Since there's likely to be a revival in interest, I gave it another shot and as with my recent WipEout 2048 splurge, I'm now thoroughly addicted again.

Perhaps if I'd just waited for that upgrade to my quad-rocket launcher, things would have been so a bit easier back then. But now I'm happily romping through the solo missions and playing my part in multiplayer battles and monster splats. Some thanks must go to GadgetGirlKylie and her many Freedom Wars videos!

If you're starting from scratch with the PS+ edition, the it does a little while to warm up. Or, if you're getting back into it, then there are now plenty of guides to help craft the best weapons to do some serious damage, no matter how nasty the Abductor.

There's loads of people in multiplayer, so give it a shot and try one of the Vita's more lively hunting titles.