Resident Evil Revelations 2 is out and scaring gamers

Sony couldn't be bothered to tell the world that one of the biggest names in gaming is on the Vita, it just pushed this Frima port out like a naughty puppy.

UPDATE: There's already a patch out that fixes some issues!

Thankfully, plenty of gamers are putting up in game footage, so we can see what we're buying for our £25. Early opinion is that its a barely passable effort with the sound compressed in new and evil ways that even Umbrella wouldn't consider.

Frame rate is highly variable when enemies appear, but somehow the coders have managed to cram the game on to the Vita where it can sit alongside the PS One version of the originals.

Think I'll give it a shot, after all this could be the last big name game (Gravity Rush 2 aside) ever to grace the format.

Still, as with Call of Duty, as with Borderlands 2 and now Resident Evil, it shows that you don't get good results if you give a porting time minimal time to do the job.

And here's some of the game's Raid Mode in action...