Dead or Alive Xtreme III brings endless summer girly fun to the Vita

More good news from Japan, a new spin off of the Dead or Alive series is heading out from Tecmo, bringing more well rounded girls taking time off from pummeling to enjoy more summer fun.

Coming to the Vita and PS4 later this year, more news will be unveiled in the next Famitsu magazine, expect plenty of spots, revealing costumes and so on. Not sure if this is an all new game or just an update to the previous versions for Sony's newer consoles.

While the game will probably not get a formal western release, it should be easy to import and play the core elements. Flirting off-shoot Dead or Alive Paradise hit the PSP while Dead or Alive 5+ and a load of DLC is still available on the Vita. It is way over-priced on PSN, a bit more affordable on Amazon.