Acer unveils a gaming tablet Predator

With rumours of a new Nvidia Shield handheld doing the rounds, Acer is getting busy in the gaming market with a new dedicated Android tablet for players. Being shown off at Computex in Taiwan, the Predator 8 has an aggressive design, to match Acer's similarly-named range of notebooks and desktops.

The device features a quad speaker set up for booming audio, is driven by a chunky Intel X7 CPU and a 16-core eighth-gen Intel HD Graphics GPU, all wrapped up behind an eight-inch HD screen. It will presumably come with 3 or 4GB RAM and plenty of storage.

Due for release in the winter, as long as the games are there to support it, it should do well. Most Android reviews focus around the latest iteration of Asphalt (in the picture) above, Modern Combat and so on - anyone know if there's much in the way of gaming innovation on the platform?