Thought for Friday: 2015 getting better all the time

What a strange week! Shed loads of good news, led by the likelihood of God Eater Rage Burst arriving in the west (as long as Bandai remember to bring the Vita version along with the PS4 edition). Plus the likes of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters and Operation Abyss headed our way. They join the likes of Stein's Gate and many other cool Japanese titles I want to play.

Even the western developers are getting a bit of a move on with WRC 5 coming to the Vita, Flame Over look more top-notch by the week and plenty of releases to enjoy in what's usually the quiet patch. A few more announcements wouldn't hurt, with Kickstarter seeming particularly flat.

Then, on the flip side, we hear news that Naughty Dog (possibly) were working on a bunch of cool Vita games, all of which failed to be green lit. And then IGN ask the thorny question (via a reader), will there be a Vita 2? Despite the valid and interesting discussion, it puts kind of a downer on what should be a good week, let's just focus on what we do have, and could realistically get!

As I said at the end of last year, the Vita is already looking like having a better 2015 than many expected, and is certainly clinging on to life rather well.