Sega's Phantasy Star Nova video captured

Sega made a very big show and dance about Phantasy Star in Japan last night as part of a Thanksgiving event held in Sapporo. There's new details for Chapter 3 of PSO 2 plus some in-game footage of Phantasy Star Nova, now dated for Nov. 27 that's well worth checking out. Check out the whole show below, I'll update as I find the juicy bits.

It starts out with the typical fluffy characters and squeaking bints on stage, but toward the end of the first part, there's the new content for PSO2 with a chicken getting some "oohs" from the crowd, really? The gameplay video quality is pretty low, I'll see if I can find something better.

There's another big gameplay clip in Part 2, around 23 minutes in with some Shining Force crossover content. Parts 3 and 4 has some live multiplayer action, with some replica mechs and kit on show at the end of that section. Part 5 has a little bit of cosplay, then they start talking about PS Nova.

Part 6 shows off character creation and some gameplay for Nova, Part 7 is more PSO 2 live play, part 8 has some new footage from PSO 2 Chapter 3.