Titan Attacks doing well on Vita, sequel beckons

An interesting Twitter chat, that started off with Curve talking about 5X sales on PS4 over PS3 for its latest publishing effort, Puppygames' Titan Attacks, also reveals that the game, released last week, is doing pretty well on the little old Vita.

The power of Cross Buy also gets a nod, and Curve notes that it will keep its games off PS+ for a long time, to keep people from not buying their games. The game is, what some might think, pretty pricey for a retro shooter, £7.63 (with PS+ discount) or £8.49, proving gamers will pay for good value titles. That alone should keep indies coming to PlayStation and Vita, rather than sacrificing a good game to the 69p pile-em-high hell of iOS/Android.

The game's sequel, Revenge of the Titans shouldn't be too far off and we hope it continues to do well on the Vita to keep the handheld in Curve's mind when it comes to choosing the platforms for its next projects.