Sound the alarm, Vita 2000 selling out in the States

Sony Europe never bothered to tell the world that the UK version had launched, what was special about it, or to put up a decent bundle, until Football Manager came out. So who knew if it ever sold in any numbers? America seems to be rather more together with the exclusive Borderlands 2 bundle selling out rapidly at online retailers (spotted by PS Vita Hub) with Amazon, Target and others out of stock.

Now, Sony likely low-balled the numbers, but even so, shifting a few thousand units in a couple of days is an impressive achievement and perhaps the start of a decent spell as God of War goes on-sale. Sony has admitted it needs to do something different to attract AAA games to the format, perhaps the radical concept of selling some hardware is the answer, and if Sony can keep this up, then who knows?

Certainly there's no lack of effort on the software front with stacks of indies, crowd-funded and Japanese titles headed our way, but the lack of even modest western third-party support will continue to hamstring the handheld.

Will Sony have the balls to crow about an actual Vita sales number rather than hiding it in the back of its next quarterly report? Here's hoping.