Sony's mystery games, which one is for Vita?

Recently Sony unveiled a dozen new indies across its range of consoles, with a couple being for the Vita (Axiom Verge and Drifter). Now the company has trademarked a bunch of all-new titles, including:

  • Guns Up!
  • Bloodborne
  • Everything's Game
  • Kill Strain
  • Entwined

Statistically, one of them should be a Vita title, likely due to be revealed at E3! Take your pick... Bloodborne sounds a little too "epic" for a handheld, while Kill Strain and Entwined sound either too hardcore or hint at a deepness that Sony probably won't risk on a portable. Which, I reckon, leaves Guns Up! or Everything's Game as the Vita title in the pack.

Note though, that Everything's Game is an Sony Online title, so could be a cross-platform, quiz type thing to bring family players together.

Your thoughts in this silly what's in a word game?