Japanese Vita sales shuffle up in quiet holiday season

Funny, I thought Golden Week was supposed to send sales through the roof, but both the Vita and 3DS only make modest gains this week (results late due to the Japanese holiday) according to Famitsu's numbers. The Vita sold 25,600 units, I'll update my weekly chart when the Media Create numbers make an appearance.

Sword Art Online keeps a place in the top three with sales of 26,852, taking it close to 164,000 sales in two weeks. Only Super Robot Taisen down in 24th place had the muscle to keep it company for Vita games. The rest of the Japanese games industry must be wondering when big-screen console sales will pick up, because it is looking very bleak

Updated: Here's the Media Create sales, tracking broadly in line with Famitsu, showing the Vita and Vita TV sold 24,717 between them over the week, accounting for just over 24% of the market. Sword Art sold 32,000 according to MC, not bad for a second week.

If that's it until the summer releases, it has been a grim few weeks for all hardware in Japan and the next month might as well not happen.