Walking Dead season 2 arrives on Vita next week

Having wondered if this was ever going to happen, given the delays, both US and EU Vita owners can reacquaint themselves with Clementine and her on-going struggle with grown-ups and the undead from next week, with the first two episodes going online on PSN. Given that the first game offered one of the easiest Platinum trophies in gaming, along with some of the most heart-rending in-game decisions, this should be a winner.

Then again, with most having played it on larger screens, will there be much demand for the same experience, shrunk down? And with Telltale apparently not bothering to fix its engine, will the glitches start to put people off? A season pass will be the most effective way to enjoy the game, with 20% off for PS+ subs. Time for a quick update to the release schedule