The PS Vita Slim, £180, Sony facepalm

What world do Sony's executives and marketing twonks live in? Your product isn't selling and you have no big games. Instead of being brave and bold, Sony actually announces THREE BITS OF BAD NEWS at an event of its own creation - incredible!

What has Sony done? Offer the new "cheaper to manufacture" PS Vita with its less-impressive LED screen for an SRP of £180, and only in black, as just announced at its UK press event. If there's any more bad news I'll update but for now I'm off to bang my head against a wall. Here's what they could have won!

Getting back onto an even keel for a second, Sony has priced its cheaper Vita above the price of the better model, around £160. To be fair, the new Vita will likely slot in at that price with everyone going "BIG SAVINGS!" Actually, scratch that, the first pre-sales are up at the £180 RRP. If you do want a coloured one, PlayAsia -- with shipping -- is still £10 cheaper.

If Sony has a proper plan, to do that it must have some idea of a few amazing titles to help dig it out of the sales hole. Trouble is, without announcing them, no one will buy it. Over to you Sony!

A third way of looking at this is Sony has given up on the market and will squeeze what it can out of the Vita, and hope something pops up that drives sales eventually. Anyway, if you need a Vita, buy the cheaper, better model now, because once they're gone, its the new model only.

UPDATE: Now I'm calmer, reading around the web, Sony says they expect the price to drift lower, which makes sense but I'm betting we'll only see a proper price cut come Autumn when Sonys one or two big games are released.