Keep getting logged out of PSN? Me too, fix found!

Over the weekend, any game I tried to play kept dropping the PSN log-in screen in front of me, and whenever I signed in, I was automatically signed-out again. Apparently this has been a common problem since Sony updated its terms of service. To get around it, IGN has the answer, basically go to the PSN/SEN website and accept some updated terms and conditions and your woes will go away.

Quite why you aren't requested to do this on the Vita is really annoying (Apple annoys iPhone users all the time with T&C updates, but at least it happens on the device). But, at least the fix only takes a second and seems to be working fine now. Back to the games and I can stop worry about my account being hacked and so on.

PS Thanks to all the Twitter comments that helped sort it out too.