Sony Japan promising big news tomorrow, 7AM UK video stream

Up early tomorrow? 7AM UK time for a translated version of the Sony Japan PS4 press announcement which is promising some big news, with Sony saying its "news you've been waiting for." Given the PS4 focus, that has to be more than just the release date for Asian territories.

It could be as prosaic as a mention of The Last Guardian now being a PS4 game, but surely not a release title. More likely is some new titles from Sony's Japan Studio and other partners, which were kept out of view from the original unveiling (Tokyo Games Show being just a couple of weeks off). There might also be a Vita snippet or two, especially as hardware sales are diving back to levels from the bad old days. See you here tomorrow!

UPDATE: The replay is now live, and there was a whole lot of Vita news including:

New model and 64GB card
Soul Sacrifice Delta and Phantasy Star Nova
PlayStation Vita TV dongle

Live streaming video by Ustream