Tip of the day, recover memory card space with a game save clear out

Here's a scenario for you. You go to PSN, see a small indie or PSM game you want, but don't quite have enough storage space for it. You  might the have the "Less than 40Mb" warning flashing in the corner. But, you don't want to delete any of your existing games. This tip could help, other advice articles here.

Launch Settings and choose Application Data Management

Tap Saved Data (PSP/PlayStation/other)

Tab the "..." in the lower right

Choose Delete and pick the save files for any games you no longer play, tap Delete to remove them.

Deleting them can easily free up a vital few extra MB of storage. If you need more space, you could always copy your Vita's saved games files to PlayStation Plus' cloud storage option (better than just deleting them), other places you can find some wasted space are screenshots stored in the Photo app.