Namco Bandai game tease frenzy, two titles being announced soon

I didn't post a story on Namco's new Ace Combat Infinity flight game, since I figured that would be an unlikely release for the Vita, despite the success of the PSP versions. But with a second new title from the company being teased for reveal next Friday, at least one of them stands a chance of having a portable version.

Make what you will of the countdown site. Given the ambiguous nature of these things it could be anything from a new Marble Madness (who does own the rights to that now?) game to a Katamari-set-in-Tron title. What do you get from the shiny smoked glass shapes? Anyway, hopefully one of these two will be a Vita game, and something way beyond how Namco arsed up Ridge Racer.

UPDATE: The non-Ace Combat game now has a "For 3DS" tag on the site, so I guess we can count that one out, all hopes rest on a vita fighter sim then!