Nihilistic lists fixes/features in upcoming Resistance 1.02 patch

While Resistance: Burning Skies isn't everyone's favorite FPS, Nihilistic is still trying to make the game better and mentioned a new patch during its CoD Black Ops tweet jam the other day. I asked the developers what features will be included and they've posted this list.

Resistance: Burning Skies patch 1.02:

  • MULE adjustment, 
  • Stat reporting to, 
  • MP connection fixes, 
  • MP scoring fixes, 
  • Various SFX bugs, 
  • Added Southpaw mode, 
  • Direct launch into game lobby from Party support.
Hopefully the game will come down in price soon and more players will pick it up, I'd rather not see it buried in the wake of Black Ops. 


  1. I actually like this game....dont play it as much as i should.


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