Montezuma Blitz gets a fresh update

It may have got off to a rocky start, but the patches are making Montezuma a neat time-waster on any Vita, and its free! The latest version adds fixes and a better idea of your achievements, beyond the trophies, which I still don't think sync with PSN, the only real annoyance left:

The game now features 999 levels
Tournament positions are now reflected correctly – with appropriate prize!
Artful Master Trophy glitch fixed

Detailed player statistics, including:
Total time played
Longest game time
Most crystals released in a single game
Highest score of all times
Longest combo
Points received for longest combo
Most tokens destroyed in a combo
Number of times kickout mode as activated
Number of times score frenzy was activated
Number of times dark mode was activated
Most points received, after a game has ended
Crystals received from daily minigame
Crystals received from near
Total number of Ziggurats collected

To find them, tap your name on the score list to the right. The bad news is, all those score figures start at zero, so if you've being playing ages, you don't get the benefit. It keeps your rank and ziggurat awards though.