More PS Vita errors of the strange and unknown, today's episode: "c1-11834-7"

I've had a couple of freaky PS Vita moments, and another today just goes to show how out of touch Sony is with the average consumer. Not only does PS Vita error "c1-11834-7" not show up on a Google search (except a Japanese YouTube video), there is no official Sony contact on the error message to get help from, or any hint of a suggestion to solve the problem. Great customer service, a fantastic user experience and everything else Sony lacks right there!

It happened whenever I clicked on a game icon to launch it, and had me wondering if my card had corrupted (randomly, since I'd been playing fine yesterday) or they just hung on the home page. Before I went to the mind-numbing reformat and reinstall from my backup process, I tried a couple of things. In the end a hard reboot solved the message (that's holding down the power button for a few seconds and choosing the Power Off option, if you found this article while searching for this error).

So, one of the more simple resolutions, but really, for a consumer product, Sony know sod all about issue resolution. I'd at least expect a "can we help" auto-chat option, or a browser link on the error message to each and every issue, with an explanation of what the issue was and how to fix it.

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