System 3's Putty Squad ups the feature count

As the PS Vita nears launch, the smaller games are throwing their hats into the air trying to get some coverage as the general press seems to think a portable machine for Uncharted is shipping soon. Putty Squad has added some new Vita-special features to the mix to broaden its appeal in the big wide world. Check out some early screens here.

Using the Vita's in-built GPS system you'll be able to collect Putty Squad Stickers. These stickers will appear in your in-game Sticker Album. As you progress and complete pages of the sticker album you'll be rewarded with Putty Squad bonuses such as free Avatars and eventually, exclusive levels!

Some of the levels in Putty Squad are quite complicated so we've added a brand new feature to the game called Map Mode. This enables you to pause the action at any point and zoom into and around a map of the level. Once in Map Mode simply tap once in order to zoom into the map. You can then use your finger to drag and swipe the map in order to explore.

You can also use the map to locate MIAs (missing in action Putty friends) and plan your best route of attack. This whole process is touch-screen controlled. A demo will precede the launch, for which there's no firm date yet, but it shouldn't be far off.