PSP to Vita game transfers for dummies, really!

Sony has put up a blog post explaining the process for getting games from your PSP to the Vita. Remember, this is the company that changed the memory card format so we can't just stick our old cards in and play our digital downloads. This is also the company that just scrapped the Passport games transfer scheme for UMD owning gamers.

So, of course, Sony was going to make it annoying to do. Basically you can either redownload those old games from the Vita store, using your existing PSN account. See that's really how I want to spend the first few days with my new console, downloading gigs worth of data as my bandwidth limit caves in, as the system gets hammered by millions of gamers all downloading their old titles - that'll go well!

Of course, the alternative is to copy them from your PS3. Well I, and I guess quite a few other PSP owners don't have a PS3. So method one it is. Sony has listed 275 titles that are compatible and instantly I see missing from the list is LittleBigPlanet, Tekken Dark Resurrection, LEGO Star Wars and a few others I would want to copy over.

So, PSP owners, brew a big pot of coffee, stock up on Vita games and then wait until all the fuss calms down before trying to copy over your old PSP titles, assuming they are there. Then you can kick in the upscaled filtering and enjoy them all over again, if you haven't beaten yourself unconscious in the process.