Wii U and XboxNext news explodes

After a lull in the rumour mill, things are kicking off on the next-gen console front with Nintendo today confirming the Wii U will launch around the world this Christmas. That's pretty much on course and will see the company trying to weave its magic via the tablet controller.

Microsoft is still at the rumour level with talk of a SoC processor already under trial runs, and Blu-ray and Kinect2 being bolted into the next console. Expect these ideas to solidify or fade away over the year with Microsoft likely to launch next year and Sony to bring up the rear in 2014/15.

With all that activity going on, Sony really needs to get the Vita marketing machine going full bore, right now without a second to spare, if its not to be swept aside as the big-screen consoles get their own next generation into gear. (Which reminds me, probably time to put up a PS4roundup blog page, can't be long now! :) )