Japanese Hardware Charts 1-8 January, Vita stops the rot

PS Vita sales were up a few hundred this week (last week's here) as game buyers return to stores after New Year to stop the alarming decline. With the first batch of post-launch games coming next week, it should start heading back up the charts. The Wii had a good week, shooting up 16,000 units while the 3DS is clearly in the zone, going up 40,000 units.

  • Nintendo 3DS 240,819
  • PlayStation 3 74,459
  • PlayStation Portable 71,033
  • Wii 49,525
  • PlayStation Vita 42,915

With WipEout, Ragnarok and Tales of Innocence soon hitting the shelves, a bit of a turnaround is on the cards, but perhaps not a huge one.