Xperia Play even cheaper than two weeks ago

The Xperia Play is getting price cuts all over the place. A few weeks ago, it was Expansys, now its the new-to-me Chitter Chatter, doing a deal at £155 plus £5 free credit. Not bad at all for a gaming phone with a 5MP camera and Gingerbread.

However, this rush to the bottom does now sound like stores clearing it out, is that because it isn't selling well - or is there a new model in the pipeline? Sony did say it didn't see the need for a refresh, but with a whole herd of next-gen phones now arriving, perhaps one is needed sooner rather than later?

With the new iPhone 4S out packing awesome visual detail, the Xperia Play could soon find itself looking rather jaded in the fast-moving world of gaming-class phones.