Thursday, September 22, 2011

Xperia Play Now Even Cheaper

After a rash of price reductions a few months ago, Sony Ericcson's Experia Play has had another haircut and is now looking rather a bargain, at just £199 SIM Free. Thanks to PocketGamer for the spot. Given that the market is about to go up a notch with iPhone 5 launch, this could give the phone a further nudge, but given Sony's lack of direction with the phone, its weak line-up of PS One games and dragging PlayStation Suite, it really needs to get a move or be consigned to history in this fast moving market.

Which will be a shame as I enjoyed my brief time with one, but think it is being strangled by poor support in the areas that it was supposed to be unique in. Still, as long as there's life in it, and SE has the budget to keep going with it, then there's hope, but I reckon the XPII will be the way forward. Its out of stock at the moment, with new supplies due in next Friday if you want to grab one.

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