Stats suggest 3G Vita is the most popular option

Over the weekend, Japanese gamers could start pre-ordering the PS Vita and most of that allocation seems to have sold out according to reports. Now the stats can be crunched and it appears that some 65% of buyers opted for the 3G model, not the cheaper WiFi edition.

Fair enough, in Japan mobile connections are a lot faster and more robust as the nation spends a lot more time on the go than in the west. And, the Japanese are far more sociable when it comes to gaming as the likes of Monster Hunter have proven.

That also seems to prove that gamers are not overly worried about the 3G download limit fuss, which I'm pretty sure is an effort by Sony to keep telcos happy until they feel more comfortable with what is a pretty new medium. I mean which iPhone owners are downloading 1GB files over their 3G connections? Very few, and I expect the same will happen on Vita.