So, what was missing on Vita at Tokyo Games Show?

Some key titles were missing from the gamut of events and public displays at Tokyo Games Show last week, and its got me wondering where they were?

The likes of Lost Planet and Monster Hunter from Capcom were shown off at the original PlayStation Meeting event that introduced Vita, then NGP, to the world. Those along with Call of Duty, Yakuza, Metal Gear and others were largely labelled as tech demos, so perhaps there won't be here for some time, if ever.

First Party Problems

Sony's other first party titles were missed out from the press events, kept low-key or absent from TGS. In Resistance: Burning Skies' case, possibly because the game won't make it for the Japanese launch, or Sony believes that Uncharted will do a better job of selling the system and didn't want to water down its impact.

Then there was Gran Turismo, or rather, there wasn't. This could be one of those lessons that Sony learnt from the PSP, when it announced GT at launch and the game didn't appear for some four years. Polyphony Digital will take as long as needed in coming up with a Vita version and we probably won't hear anything until they are good and ready.

Killzone is in development, perhaps too early to show, but questions could also be asked about the future of Ratchet & Clank and Jax & Daxter. Both pairs made appearances on the PSP, are ideal for handheld gaming, but no sign of news on them either. The Daxter developers, Naughty Dog, have said they'd love to revisit the series.

Third Parties not at the Party

Sega's Yakuza was shown at PlayStation Meeting in tech demo form - but since there's another PSP version of the game to come out, perhaps the developers would rather Sony didn't focus on any Vita edition, yet.

EA has voiced its support for Vita, touting it above the 3DS, but there has been very little news (apart from mention of a FIFA game) across any of EA's divisions. Both the company press and public site fail to mention the Vita at all. The same can be said for THQ, even its Japanese site fails to acknowledge the existence of the Vita, athough WWE '12 is listed on the ever reliable Wikipedia as in development.

There are bound to be lots more games, series and developers, is there anything you can think of that should be on the missing in action list that you'd like to see on PSV?