Sound Shapes Devs Talk About the Vita's First New IP

Sound Shapes won several awards at E3, suggesting there is still nothing like a great simple-looking game with high playabililty, no matter how advanced the technology. Lets face it Lumines was the highest rated PSP game for years until God of War came out.

Now, the developers have been talking on the Sony blog about the game, with a pretty in-depth interview, and there's a neat video to watch of it in action, this really is something new in gaming.

PSB: Did you always plan for Sound Shapes to be a portable game?
Jonathan Mak: Because Everyday Shooter came out on the PS3, so we thought we might have a lead there, though we weren’t really thinking about a platform at the time. The PS Vita was a happy coincidence, because the touchscreen makes it a lot easier to compose and edit in the game.

Sound Shapes will be a Vita launch game and is clearly something that, while its not high on visual fidelity, will make the most of the console's user interactions in ways that we won't have seen before.