Model-Mech-Based PSP Game Beats Out Zelda in Japan

I thought those quirky little plastic models in Little Battler Experience would be fun, but never expected them to top a game like Ocarina of Time in Japan. That might be a little unfair as Ocarina was only on sale a few days and may have sold out in that time, but even so another PSP game tops the Japanese charts:

Little Battler Experience (PSP) – 166,187
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D (3DS) – 164,110
Yakuza Of The End (PS3) – 53,775
Steins Gate  (Xbox 360) –  31,666
Steins Gate Double Pack (Xbox 360) – 11,041

Zelda's arrival did do enough to shift the 3DS back to the top of the hardware charts. Also, note that Stein's Gate has done really well on the the Xbox, so hopes will be strong for the PSP visual novel coming soon.