WipeOut Trinity/2048 for NGP? - Zooming Past Your Eyes Soon

Sony has just registered the websites wipeout2048 and wipeouttrinity.com (which just links back to Sony's main page for now). One is likely a PS3/NGP remix while the other is the new NGP title, with the full game is likely to be unveiled at E3 as one of the handheld's launch titles. The Trinity tag suggests another remastering of the classic versions as appeared in Pure and Pulse on the PSP.

Given that the two WipeOut games on PSP did a great job with extra track and music packs, long before other games started on the DLC route, hopefully Sony will keep this up with the new version - and hopefully there will be more to it than just a reworking of WipeOut HD.

With Polish firm Bloober announcing that it is working on another title, it looks like the drip feed up to E3 is starting now, enjoy the ride.