psp2roundup - March in Numbers, What's April Got?

The blog's third full month of activity saw well over 4,000 page views, double last month's number - powered by news about and the launch of the Xperia Play. Posted a whopping 71 articles (up 16 on the previous month) to the blog and got a few more ad clicks this month, so the office cat enjoyed both luxury chunks and kitty milk!

The most popular articles in the month were the PSP games beating out the 3DS launch titles, and of course, the Xperia Play launch, helped by all those videos. Top searches were for the NGP launch date and "iPad 2 vs. NGP". The game reviews are getting plenty of visits, so I'll try and get on with more of those.

Coming up this month we have the Dutch Festival of Games Expo/Conference, all about the digital games market. And there's the release of Final Fantasy IV to look forward to, among quite a few others.