PSPGo Price Cut in America + Today's Other News

After the NGP showing off at GDC, I thought the rest of today would be rather quiet. But no, we've had some mild nudity and two PSP games pummelling the 3DS launch titles in Japan. And it doesn't stop there, earlier Sony US put up a PSP Go price of $149 on its website.

With reasoning like this [Brash Games], sales of the pocket rocket could pick up nicely. So, maybe Sony does have a decent final run planned for the original PSP. Just starting to wonder if there are one or two releases unrevealed to give it a final shot in the arm?

[UPDATE] - Apparently Sony has changed its mind on the PSP Go pricing, raising it back up to $199, since I never saw the price drop on any actual store sites, this was either a mistake or a too-early leak of a change.

Naturally, you have to hope this does happen and it seems a mad thing to do in error. Another reason maybe that Sony US is planning a digital bundle deal like the European 10 free games one, this would take some admin clearing and there may be last minute hitches.