US Hardware Sales - Everything Down #PSP Plummets

  1. Xbox 360 - 378,773
  2. Wii - 294,017
  3. Nintendo DS(i) - 279,268
  4. PlayStation 3 - 159,941
  5. PlayStation Portable - 80,427
  6. PlayStation 2 - 65,843
The US December hardware sales figures show how bad things are for Sony and why it needs to get the PSP2 out as quickly as possible. The PSP barely sold more than the 10-year old PS2 and was miles behind its regular competition... with no wide-appeal games in the pipe, the time to concentrate all the effort on PSP2 is now.

But, for those into core gaming, there's a bunch of good stuff to look forward to as 1UP's latest guide shows. In fact the PSP feels rather Dreamcast like now, home to niche and cool games that the rest of the world will ignore.