Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Stick a quarter in for Highscore Master on Kickstarter

The crowdfunded games list gets dusted down  with a new addition thanks to Dolores Entertainment (GhoulBoy and BitDungeon Plus). Highscore Master borrows from the arcade classics and slams some old favourite ideas together in new ways, from shooters to racers to maze games, etc. All with the aim to top the high score chart in each world to escape the master.

Or, as the devs put it...
What would happen if we put in a cocktail shaker Out Run, Space Harrier and Back to the Future? Or Pacman with  Saturday's Night Fever? Stop imagining it because this is Highscore Master!
Highscore Master is built by about 8 different arcades from the 80's. From our own reinterpretation, as we believe they could have been improved and carrying them to a current gameplay.

The game needs €20K (£17K) in funding with two months to go, and the Vita version is double that (€40K). A €150 tier will get you physical Vita versions of Dolores previous works, while there's . I recall an old trailer from around a year ago, so guess Highscore Master is pretty far along the road to completion, so hopefully will hit the end of 2019 release date.

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