Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hectic week for Vita releases in Japan, 4 games out

Vita supplies may by drying up in Japan, but the games are still flowing with four games out this week as developers come out of their winter slumber. Among the usual cutesy visual novel fodder, Silvario Trinity Beyond the Horizon adds some punch.

Check out the trailers and start badgering the usual suspects for a translation, western release or whatever works for you.

We would be on for a five-for, but unfortunately, Konosuba RPG A New Blessing has been delayed from this week until June. Check out the release list for more JP launches and contemplate selling a kidney to import them.

Full Kiss (Entergram)

Silvario Trinity Beyond the Horizon (Light)

Spring Sound Alice Gram Snow Drop (Entergram)

Memories Off Innocent Fille for Dearest (5pb)

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