Monday, January 28, 2019

Necrosphere, Drowning and NightCry out this week

Necrosphere is at the lighter end of this week's Vita releases, with Drowning and Nightcry (trailer) offering more somber gaming.

Necrosphere comes with a fresh set of trophies listed (10 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold). The well-rated PC two-button metroidvania from 2017, puts up a stiff challenge for its lurid lycra-clad hero, and for those who want to bag all the trophies, with a distinctly old-school style to it. To get around the hero has to use bounce pads and bubbles to navigate the short and furious levels.

Drowning is a journey through a tale of depression. A short game about a boy who quickly discovers he has depression, it takes you through a variety of beautiful low-poly environments as the story unfolds about how he learns to live with his inner demon.

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