Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Minecraft v1.76 Aquatic update live

Go swim with the fishes in the last major update for the Vita version of Minecraft. Version 1.76 is here as a 1GB download (that's going on top of my fresh physical version install, other updates may be smaller).

The changelog is here from Mojang with the key features being six new trophies a host of life and features to explore under the water's surface. There's also a new tutorial to show off the fresh features.

Minecraft landed on the Vita in October 2014, so has been well supported for almost four years, and thanks to Mojang for that. It sold a million boxed copies in Japan, and got a Limited Edition Vita model. That helped keep the Vita relevant over there, and is still played massively online.

It also inspired Dragon Quest Builders and plenty of other knock-offs, so Vita owners have a lot to be grateful for. Will add some screens once the update has downloaded.

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