Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sony Japan's press event set for 19 September

Up bright and early in a few weeks for Sony's big Japan press event ahead of Tokyo Game Show. Set your alarms for 8AM UK time on 19 September (Midnight PST or stupidly early for east coast America).

Sony's line-up of listed events and titles doesn't mention the Vita once, which is a pretty gloomy way to start, but with plenty of third party releases still to hit Japan, you'd hope Sony would have at least one partner on board.

UPDATE: The event came and went, jump to about 9 minutes into the video for a rerun

Will the company take the fight to Nintendo with an updated Vita or other portable/hybrid? Or will it let Nintendo walk in and dominate portable gaming forever? If so, then will Sony start publishing on the Switch?

Livestream link now active! Either way it will be interesting to find out how they spin it, since focusing on PSVR isn't getting them anywhere fast and PS4 is being ran hard by Switch showing there's life in the portable concept yet.

Having been suggesting the PlayStation 4 Portable for three years now, will Sony finally have the balls and the budget to do it?

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