Monday, June 22, 2015

Sony announces new lighter PS4, still no new Vita

Claiming to be 10% lighter and 8% more power efficient, there's a new PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 model hitting Japan next week, rolling out around the world soon. Despite the internal changes, there's no price cut. Famitsu has the details, but despite all the usual signs, still now word about an updated Vita, even if its just minor internal changes.

Why wasn't this announced at E3? I guess it makes little different to Sony's strategy or plans, so this news bit the dust too. The new PS4 appears to be the same size as the existing one, but with styling changes to the case, there's now a uniform look to the top. It is available in the usual black or white. 

Despite the changes, the lack of a price cut suggests no massive sales boost, which I guess Sony is fine with as sales remain very strong. Europe will be getting a 1TB edition, but frankly, get the smallest drive version you can and shove your own cheap 2TB drive in. 

Also, this will be another fun game of how much does Sony think a 1TB drive costs? £60+ seems to be the market rate, betting Sony make it at least £100.

For me, no price cut means I have to hang in there until Christmas, when hopefully Sony will have some deals. No Remote Play for me. 

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