Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sony selling tickets for PlayStation Experience, Vita owners need not apply

As I've already suggested, if you're a Vita owner, don't bother wasting your money going to Sony's Las Vegas expo expecting anything for the handheld. Sony can't even be bothered to show the handheld in its new trailer for the event, which is probably going to be an awesome gamefest for PS4 owners. And why not, that's where Sony's profit comes from.

There are supposed to be new announcements at the 6/7 December event, with some teasing expected beforehand. But seriously, if Sony couldn't spend more than a minute on the Vita across its big three key-notes, there is nothing coming, ever, for the Vita from the lead studios. If there is one single game, then that's still not worth dragging our asses to a Las Vegas show for.

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