Saturday, October 11, 2014

PlayStation Experience: A crap one for Vita, guaranteed

Seriously, having been let down at every major games keynote and press event for two years, don't expect a bean for the Vita that doesn't have the word "indie" or "made in Japan" on it. December's PlayStation Experience, a community event unlike previous Destination PlayStation press events is for the fans, but Vita fans will probably be as welcome as herpes.

While the blurb may promise a look at new games for 2015, Sony has shown time and time again that the Vita is dead to it as a big game machine. That leaves the event in Las Vegas as a PS4 fest with the weiners coughing up $50 to attend being fed Destiny updates, Assassin's Creed and other goodies.

Any Vita owner optimistically turning up will probably be sat with the rest of the mutants at table 9, and given something with oversize pixels to stare at and a discount voucher for a PS4. Even if the PlayStation TV takes off with mega sales, it will be far too late for Sony to start making games anytime soon. 

If pigs fly, or miracles happen, then I guess Shenmue HD (with help from one of Sony's few third-party Vita pals at Sega) or a new Guerrilla or Bend Studios game could lighten the mood, but in reality? Despite reports of them still hiring for Vita development, any major project seems unlikely. 

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