Sunday, August 10, 2014

The shout of the Vita fans is being heard

Despite Sony's inability to sell, ship or market the Vita, the few owners in the universe are being heard loud and proud by developers. In the last week, a petition to get Namco to consider the new Digimon game for the west passed its 50,000 goal. If that'll achieve anything remains to be seen but with increasing success in Japan, and their games selling reasonably over here, it is more likely to happen then not.

More modestly, Phoenix Force developer Awoker Games agreed to a Vita version after hearing plenty of fan feedback, with Attractio coming our way thanks to more outpourings of support. And in the last couple of days, the makers of Surgeon Simulator have asked to hear back if we want a Vita version, to much tweeting.

In the big scheme of things this is bad news. Developers shouldn't need to be asking if the Vita is a viable platform. While some at Sony, notably the Stategic Content guys, are waving the banner high and proud, somehow there's still a world of coders unaware of the Vita's potential. Sony really should be getting caned for this failing.

But, if we have to get our hands dirty, like with the #PSVitaDirect campaign, then the fans are doing the Vita proud, so well done us.

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