Friday, August 1, 2014

Pants boy tortured again by the Vita in Japan

We've seen the happy smile-fest of the UK's summer Vita campaign. Japan's is taking an ever darker twist in the further adventures of pants boy. This time he's at least got his clothes on but is being tortured by friends all playing Freedom Wars and Oreshika on their Vita, with elements of the games crossing over into his nightmare.

Perhaps this is what it felt to be a VirtualBoy owner, way back when. And what's with the shot of her skirt? Were you thinking what he was (probably) thinking? Pesky Japanese! It gets worse, here she is on the Sony promo site

I'm starting to think there's something sinister going on here.

UPDATE: Quite a busy time on Japanese screens, here's old helmet head getting involved in some on-screen Freedom Wars action.

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