Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sony's PlayStation Vita ad campaign for summer kicks off

Okay, you all know my feelings about the gonads that inhabit Sony's marketing department. But they've managed to get off their arses/begged some budget from the bean counters to put up a TV advert in the UK for summer. It highlights Minecraft, LEGO The Hobbit, Tearaway and LEGO Ninjago (if you can spot the ninja) as games for the kids.

It's not bad but quite why there's this lingering focus on the touch features is beyond me? We've already proved that it doesn't sell games, so they could have added a couple of extra titles in those gaps. Just hope there's a grown-up version for later viewing for the Vita's darker fare, otherwise how will anyone get to know about lady tickling and underwear arranging, the usual MDK fun.

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