Thursday, July 17, 2014

Set the date for Sony's Gamescom press event

Take #9 Mr DeMille.... Here comes Sony's last chance to impress the western market this year with some, any, or no news for Vita fans and would-be buyers. The company's Gamescom event is scheduled for 7PM UK, (6PM CET, 1PM EST, 10AM Pacific) on Tuesday 12th August, the day before the show kicks off.

The Cologne-based Gamescom has been slightly less bastardly to the Vita in the past than E3, but I have little hope for anything past one, possible big announcement, a raft of Japanese translations and some new indie ports in the fold.

Will it be FF Type 0 (again), a GTA stories, something using the Killzone engine? Who knows, and despite the decent sales of Borderlands 2, it looks like the "Sony brand" doesn't particularly care, bar a few stalwart supporters within the company. And why would it, when the PS4 is going gangbusters in the west?

Don't expect a price-cut, but perhaps more bundles and card-game packages, do expect a release date for PlayStation (Vita) TV and the words Remote Play to be used a lot. If you really want some Vita news, wait for Tokyo Game Show in September, where I'm sure there will be plenty of new launches to savour.

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