Friday, July 11, 2014

Sony rumored to be bringing good Vita news to Gamescom

UPDATE: Now less than three weeks until the show, and not a peep out of Sony's usual cheerleaders. That's good in they've learned their lesson, but worrying in that if there was any kind of good news, someone would be dropping at least a few hints about it. The only news I can find is about the VR Morpeus set and Project Cars being on show. Perhaps the new Bioshock remaster rumour is 2K's reaction to the good Borderlands sales?

Sony could show a Horace Goes Skiing reboot (ask your granddad) at Gamescom, and that would already make it a better effort than the company's howlingly poor E3 fuck-up. However, one of those gobby friends-on-the-inside rumour mongers is suggesting that Sony will manage to put on a good show come the big European games show in August.

He also predicts one sizeable announcement, although if that's just Sony having managed to armbar Square Enix into submission to do a Vita version of Final Fantasy Type-0 then its a little bit late. Other options are yet another resurrected oldie, alongside Grim Fandango, which isn't even exclusive to PlayStation now. Favourites on that list include Shenmue, or they could just drag over a few more current Japanese games, while the GTA Stories rumors continue to blow hot and cold.

Frankly I won't get in the least bit excited until I see actual game code running on a Vita screen, but after humiliating itself at E3, Sony deserves at least one more shot at redemption, and then something cool out of Tokyo Games Show to round off the year.

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  1. it is already thrice since sony ****ed up the E3 for vita. but for gamescom and TGS are another story.