Thursday, May 31, 2012

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz gets an update, now friendlier

I wish the Vita would drop users a message when a game is ready to be updated, like iOS does. I only blundered into the Montezuma update on a bored give-it-another-go moment. The update takes the game to v1.50 and makes a lot of things that made people cross more tolerable.

For a start, there's hints on the loading screen, making it easier to understand how to play the game better. The totems and bonuses and now front-and-centre rather than tucked away in the side and the UI has been tweaked to be more friendly.

When playing, you're less likely to run down the five-go limit and the daily scratch card seems a bit more generous (or I'm just being lucky) and appears each time you load (so far). In-game hints appear more frequently, so there's less brain-freeze time and levelling up happens faster. Plus a bunch of extra whizzes and sparkle have been added to liven things up.

The game is still free to play, so give it a whirl in its new, improved guise, especially if you weren't too happy with it first time around. Things that still need to be fixed include the multiple pop-up PSN loading screens, and it crashed on me (just the once), but still worth trying out.

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