Thursday, March 29, 2012

Orgarhythm and Dokuro get sites, new PS Vita games on the way, finally!

If there is some big crisis in Japanese game development, then the PSP and PS Vita provide a rich vein for the defence. Its just a shame it takes so long for us to see them. I'm thinking Grand Knights History, Gravity Daze and now Orgarhythm.

The music/strategy game from the Space Channel 5 dude, unveiled yesterday now has an official site with a couple of laid-back tunes to enjoy (hold your cursor over the music note to swap, Elyata is fine, 430 grates after a while [about 10 seconds, actually]). Check out the first pics here.

Another PS Vita game getting an official site is Dokuro, which brings a rather Tim Burton style to the (guessing) puzzle/platform game. Not much info there but expect it to populate in the coming weeks.

Finally we have Namco's teaser site for a PSP game that seems to be for Hunter x Hunter, a very popular manga, which should sell by the truckload. While none of these may be classical AAA titles, invention and style (in the case of the first two) will go a long way to building an audience.

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